Matsuzaki Scissors MATIS 88 Cut R

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    Matsuzaki Scissors MATIS 88 Cut R

    Matsuzaki Scissors MATIS 88 Cut R

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    Matsuzaki Scissors MATIS 88 Cut R With this unique shape of blade, that was originally developed by MATSUZAKI after the image of praying mantis, which we call “sickle blade”and “asaba blade”make this model a truly unique cutting scissors. When blunt cutting these “sickle blades”don’t let go hair. When slide cutting the “sasaba blades” makes easy a smooth sliding. This model is the product of joining our cutting-edge technology and experience. * Two small screws near to the pivot screw are not fitted for replacement with new blades but for the purpose of effective and delicate fixation of specially designed blades. * Texture/HEAVY, Heavy weight: It absorbs shock of hair cutting.It is excellent in operation. * Shape of blade/SASABA, Edge line of a blade is more rounded than standard, which makes hairs slide to the tip of blades. We call such a blade SASABA ( like a bamboo leaf ). There are two types of SASABA scissors, single and double SASABA. * High grade material of Matsuzaki Original containing Cobalt with special steel. * Usage/BRANT, It is suitable to make a straight cutting line. It is suitable for sliding cut. * Shape of scissors back/Hollowing type, Style of blades back is different between active and inactive in one scissor, it makes an individual cutting feelings. Available size: MANTIS 88 Cut R (6″) NOTE: These scissors are not available for online sale. Please contact us for latest prices and availability.

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