Matsuzaki Scissors DARUMA

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    Matsuzaki Scissors DARUMA

    Matsuzaki Scissors DARUMA

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    Matsuzaki Scissors DARUMA

    This model is a cutting scissors having both single Sasaba (like bamboo leaf)and clam shaped blades (HAMAGURI in Japanese), with heavily feeling which was developed by original techniques of Matsuzaki.As point of weight balance is on the blades side, it creates good active control of sliding/stroke cutting and good feeling of sliding by Sasaba blade.

    So, this scissors has big potential never before.The name of Daruma was came from the style of large and wide active blade of HAMAGURI shape with curving work in back side of this blade.There is small difference of both angles of active and inactive blades, user can control this scissor in any direction for hair stream. And also it can be used as reversible Please feel its advantage by yourself.

    * Texture/HEAVY, Heavy weight: It absorbs shock of hair cutting.It is excellent in operation.
    * Shape of blade/SASABA, Edge line of a blade is more rounded than standard, which makes hairs slide to the tip of blades. We call such a blade SASABA ( like a bamboo leaf ). There are two types of SASABA scissors, single and double SASABA.
    * Shape of scissors back/HAMAGURI, Section of a blade looks like the shape of half clam ( HAMAGURI in Japanese ), which gives cutting power and feeling of more sharpness but requires high skillfulness to make.
    * Reversible, Scissors can be used in reverse. Both use of thinning blades as inactive or active to make outer curved or inner curved hairs cutting. Cut scissors such as Sasaba, Daruma, Circle, Reversible etc., can give different feeling of cutting sharpness when used in reverse.
    * Usage/STROKE, It is suitable for both working of shaking and sliding. It is suitable for sliding cut.
    * Shape of scissors back/Hollowing type, Style of blades back is different between active and inactive in one scissor, it makes an individual cutting feelings.
    * High grade material of Matsuzaki Original containing Cobalt with special steel.

    Available size:

    DARUMA 600D (6″)
    DARUMA 650D (6.5″)

    NOTE: These scissors are not available for online sale. Please contact us for latest prices and availability.



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