Matsuzaki Scissors MSD550


The right staple for cuts that do not compromise sharpness in dry haircuts, shifting and shaking (razor task ). Thanks to its multi ergonomic grips, it provides the most comfortable use. Because the structure of the blade is rounded more than standard scissors ,the hair slides approproately to the type of blades ( like bamboo leaf ).It has been developed against the abrasion of the highest qualities of the hardest stainless steels.


The professional_Matsuzaki_hairdressing scissors_are handmade and represent the culmination of the accomplishments of a_highly skilled_shisho_who proudly mark the scissors with the_Matsuzaki_brand_._Each_matsuzaki_pair of scissors_reflects the impeccable shape, finishing and functionality_, as well as the traditional Japanese art used by samurai in swords.

All Matsuzaki Scissors are made from a professional design and advanced materials construction, heat treated with cutting-edge technology combined with traditional Japanese art._Matsuzaki basic scissors are regularly used by global experts.

Matsuzaki combine the most advanced Japanese technology with over a century of experience in traditional craftsmanship to bring you exceptional performance and durability. The blades open and close with a feather like feel and have rounded tips for better safety. There?s also an adjustable tension screw so you can fine tune the blade tension with your fingers. Best of all, the quality is so fantastic that after years of use these scissors will still be looking and feeling just as good as the first day you used them.

Most preferred brand of world?s best hairdressing schools & professional Salon Chains in the world.

BUY with Confidence Original & Official Distributor of Matsuzaki Scissors Japan


This design relieves stress on both the shoulder and wrist for stylists who use the classic palm-to-palm cutting technique, need less force to cut hair than traditional scissors.

You will enjoy your cutting experience with these shears.

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