Matsuzaki Scissors AIKEN

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Matsuzaki Scissors AIKEN This model is the powerful cutting scissors with two swords type. This could be suitable for the cuttings of hard and curly hair due to the strong cutting power to the distorted direction. Blue Shippou porcelain is applied as the top cove of the pivot screw and four plate springs under the screw are used to absorb the cutting shock.   Shippoo is a beautiful china produced in AD 700s for the first time in Japan which can be finished by heated color enamels. We use Shippoo as the top cover of the pivot screw of the models shown. * Material: High grade material of Matsuzaki Original containing Cobalt with special steel. * Usage/BRANT, It is suitable to make a straight cutting line. * It is smooth cutting feeling. * Shape of scissors back/Sword type, As a peak is just in the center of blades, this can transmits a power in handle to the blades without any loss. Available size: AIKEN 525D (5.25″) AIKEN 575D (5.75″) NOTE: These scissors are not available for online sale. Please contact us for latest prices and availability.

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