From the age of hair arranging to the age of hair cutting. Two scissors were created in Meiji period from surgery scissors to styling scissors. Now developed into the current Matsuzaki scissors. Matsuzaki Scissors was founded in 31st year of the Meiji period (1898) by Terukazu Matsuzaki at Hongo in Tokyo.

Succeeded by Masayoshi Matsuzaki in 20th year of the Showa period (1945) and to the third and current generation by Kunihiko Matsuzaki from 47th year of the Showa period.(1972) 116 years have passed since the foundation of the company.
Design of traditional three metallic rings of Matsuzaki Scissors.

In Matsuzaki family, three metallic rings are considered to mean “manufacturer / hairstylist / customer”
based on scissors manufactured with Samurai spirit.
The three rings represent “harmony”—Human being live in harmony side by side. Therefore, we, Matsuzaki believe we have to pay respect to all, to be modest, to cultivate spirit and make our Matsuzaki Scissors strong and elegant.

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