How to choose Hairdressing Scissors

How to Choose Hairdressing Scissors?

When it comes to hairdressing, we’re only ever as good as the tools in our hand. That’s why, when it comes to our scissors, we want the very best. However, choosing the best hairdressing scissors can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this guide answering the most commonly asked questions regarding scissor purchases. Let’s dig in.

Q: What size hairdressing scissors will suit me?

A: This is largely down to preference. Some stylists prefer short scissors, whilst other prefer long. To some extent, it depends on the type of cutting you’re doing. The length of the scissor is actually measured from the tip of the blade to the end of the longest finger hole.
To find your ideal size, place a pair of scissors in the palm of your hand with the finger hole touching the base of your thumb, the tip of the blade should then be in the last section of your middle finger.

Q: What’s the difference between bevelled edge and convex blades?

A: Bevelled-edge blades are usually made from a mixture of metals which makes them lightweight. Typically in Europe they also feature micro-serrations, which are good for those learning how to cut hair. However, they can’t be used for slicing, as hair gets jammed on the blade. We have some serrated scissors range in Pro-Kutz Scissors.
Convex blades, like those on our incredible range of Matsuzaki Scissors, are sometimes referred to as “Japanese style” and are the sharpest blade type, with an almost razor type edge. They can be used for all cutting techniques, and are best suited to more experienced hairdressers with good technique.

Q: Do I use left or right handed scissors?

A: Many young hair stylists are told to use right handed scissors, regardless of whether they’re using their left hand to cut. Though many get used to right handed scissors, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use left handed scissors if you’re a leftie. In fact, it might well help prevent hand and wrist strain.

Q: How often do I need my scissors sharpening?

A: This depends entirely on how much they’re used, the quality if your scissors and what type of blade you’re using. Low quality scissors may not last 3 months, but with our Matsuzaki Scissors you get a free sharpening ticket which enables you to send your blades back for reconditioning any time within the first 3 years, completely free of charge.

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